Astoria, Day 2

Breakfast. John spills, and spills and almost contaminates the coffee pot. Strange laws in Oregon. Trying to fit four people in a two person turret. Jim gets world’s largest egg, scrambled.

Off to Ft. Stevens Park to climb all over coastal batteries – a favorite activity here at unibrain.

Then to custard king in Astoria for more food. Next stop is the heritage museum. Only a few exhibits were open due to construction, but the ones open were very good. Our favorite was about the Finish socialist movement and their tragic attempt to build a utopia in Soviet Karalla.
Home again with Cat & Nadya knitting baby things in the back seat instead of admiring the view. We’re already planning another trip to Astoria, to spend more time at Ft. Stevens and visit the refurbished Heritage museum.

Author: Jim Boone

Jim is the resident photographer and web dude. He enjoys driving, practical shooting, and the occasional shotgun game. He is classified as M in USPSA Open and is working hard to be a real M class shooter.