Putting the Engine in Boss

I received the engine back from Loynings Engine Service earlier in the week and had a few friends from the Lotus Club come over the help drop in it place. All in all it took about an hour with another day or so work to get the various bit s reconnected.

The verdict on the engine was good. The only mistake I made on the first build was forgetting to put the plugs in the end of the camshafts. This caused the top of the engine to have too much oil resulting in the leaks and the flooding of the valve guides.

On the plus side, the engine should be strong at 137.5 hp on the Dyno.

Author: Jim Boone

Jim is the resident photographer and web dude. He enjoys driving, practical shooting, and the occasional shotgun game. He is classified as M in USPSA Open and is working hard to be a real M class shooter.