Sunny Oregon Coast

We both had the week off, so took advantage of the weather at the coast, which was SUNNIER and WARMER than Portland. (This very very rarely happens. Thank you, greenhouse gasses.) Our mission was to visit the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, which we accomplished.  We took leftovers of holiday feasts for a picnic – 51, sunny and no wind makes for quite decent picnic weather.  It was the lack of wind that was so astonishing – I can’t remember not being at least a bit windblown at the coast.

Every time we go to Depoe Bay, Jim tells me how challenging the entrance to its little harbor is.  And indeed it is: the waves seem to be going at right angles to each other as you approach the channel.  You have to navigate the swells slowly and carefully, then once you’re in the small patch of calm water, gun the engines and make for the narrow rocky passage. Fun! Enjoy the gif.

Sunset at Newport Bay

We spent the night at The Embarcadero in Newport, had drinks at Rogue, and then went to Mo’s so I could eat a whole Dungeness crab while Jim watched in amusement. Our room, as you can see, had a gorgeous view of the bridge, the NOAA docks and the rest of the bay.

Nadya Boone
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