About Bartrek

It started last year when @unibrain and @nadyaduke invited themselves over to some friends (@katcoker and #wdnebhinot@pigblation) to watch True Blood.  We didn’t have HBO, they did, and we offered to bring food and drink.    After an enjoyable season of blood, boobs, and booze, we moved the Monday night supper club to Unibrain World HQ for the first season of Boardwalk Empire.

Somewhere around our fifteenth Monday of tasty food and beverages, we realized that this was a great way to start a work week.   Good friends, good food and good drinks.  (We had really gone all out researching prohibition-era cocktails.  Because we also seek History.)  It makes Monday something to look forward to, rather than dread.

However, Boardwalk Empire was ending, and hot, oversexed vampires weren’t going to be back in season for several months.   Fortunately, Portland Monthly‘s December issue was devoted to the 24 best bars in Portland.  We decided that would be our new way to welcome Monday evenings.

Now a friend of ours takes great pleasure pointing out the fact that while we wouldn’t pony up for Showtime for beautiful naked vampires, we caved instantly at the chance to see Steve Buscemi drop trou.  What can I say.  We seek Art and are not motivated by more prurient interests.  Also, we are big fans of Mr. Buscemi, especially loving his crazy-ass characters in Con-Air and Armageddon.  Also, it was probably our turn to do dishes.

Now big fans though we are, we don’t watch Boardwalk Empire for the Nucky nookie.   In fact, we kind of fear it.   And so we created the Official Rating System of Bar Trek Portland (aka Buscemi Naked Booze Night).

Authors include @unibrain, @nadyaduke, @katcoker and #wdnebhinot@pigblation