The BN Code

The BN code was originally named because the BarTrekkers are filling the gap waiting for Boardwalk Empire to resume airing and the BN code is a bit of an inside joke.  When in season, we watch Boardwalk Empire starring the amazing Steve Buscemi; each week anticipating what level of undress we will see the actor display and how much booze it will take to make the image go away.  All love and props to the actor himself.

Official Rulez for Bar Trek (formerly Buscemi Naked Booze Nights)

  1. Chooser alternates alphabetical first letter first name: Gary, Jim, Kristina, Nadya
  2. Chooser team drives picking up the other at their home
  3. Target leave work time to start our adventure is 4:30
BN scale 0-5 scale

0              Snore
1 ( | )      You could tolerate seeing Buscemi shirtless
2 ( | )      You could tolerate seeing Buscemi in his boxers
3 ( | )      You could tolerate seeing Buscemi butt nekkid
4 ( | )      You could tolerate seeing Buscemi full monty
5 ( | )      You could tolerate seeing Buscemi full monty… in motion

Series Photos
The official photo copy of the Portland Monthly 24 Great Bars issue will be used to photograph & capture the BN ratings and events.
1 photo will be taken at the start of the night with no drinks on, followed by alternating photos of each round and between rounds. The assembly of photos will be shot by the same person from approximately the same angle. The accumulation of the photos will be time lapsed into a tribute video of the BN event.