Author: Jim Boone

Jim is the resident photographer and web dude. He enjoys driving, practical shooting, and the occasional shotgun game. He is classified as M in USPSA Open and is working hard to be a real M class shooter.
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2023-01-28 USPSA Dundee

First match in awhile and the first match with my new SV. Shot well even with the rust. Need to work in movement and iron out those mental mistakes.


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2022 – Favorites

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Cruising to Warmth

Day -2 travel Jim gets up at 2am.  Travels easily Nadya gets up in New Orleans gets to Dallas and they won’t let her leave….

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New host

And just like that we are on a new host.

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We took the drive down to Redwoods National Park for our anniversary. We did a bit of hiking before @nadya came down with her first…

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Pheasant Hunt

A couple friends and I went Pheasant hunting. Ryan brought along his new puppy who was just learning to be a hunting dog. He did…

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2022-02-12 USPSA Albany

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2022-01-08 USPSA Albany

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2021 – Favorites