Author: Jim Boone

Jim is the resident photographer and web dude. He enjoys driving, practical shooting, and the occasional shotgun game. He is classified as M in USPSA Open and is working hard to be a real M class shooter.
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2022-01-08 USPSA Albany

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Death Valley

On the way back from the Area 2 USPSA Championship I stopped in Death Valley for an overnight. I did a little off-roading and some…

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2021 USPSA Racegun Nationals

USPSA nationals is over and the results show I improved from 2019. I was 21/70 in Open/A and 117/284 Open/overall at 70.12% I was a…

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2021 Oregon Open

Finally a match where I shot well. 7th in Open and 3rd A. Results.

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USPSA Albany

Open division win! I shot a little above my skill level today and squeaked out a win In open. Woot! Results:

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Anniversary at the coast

After a year in quarantine and missing travel, we rented a house and spent our anniversary at the coast.

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Coast Anniversary

I found a great house on the Oregon Coast and we spent a lovely anniversary weekend. It was a nice Covid escape.

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Inland Empire

Last level 2 match I spot was in November of 2019 and it showed. Mistakes were made. Results:

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Springtime in the Neighborhood