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We love cooking and this is a place to keep track of the good things we’ve made

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Pheasant Hunt.

A couple friends and I went Pheasant hunting. Ryan brought along his new puppy who was just learning to be a hunting dog. He did…

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Bread makes noises!

Who knew that bread makes noises when it cools!

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Making Cherry Pie

On our trip around Mt. Hood we stopped at a fruit stand and got a big-o-bench of pie cherries.  Of course the pie making was…

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Molecular Diner

I got a molecular gastronomy kit for Christmas – like a chemistry set for grownup foodies. When we wanted to get together for New Year’s…

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Fresh Pasta Night

My sister got Nadya a pasta press for Christmas. Tonight we made our first batch and had it with a lovely bottle of wine. Here…

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Lady of Leisure

With my impending return to full time work, I spent my penultimate Friday off goofing off like I meant it. And what might be my…

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Picante Lime Chickens PLUS Burritos: a Twofer

I adapted this recipe to make two dinners for us. The first night is chicken breasts in a simple sauce, the second night is shredded…

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Carolina Ribs and Chile Smashed Potatoes: Two Keepers

We had a couple of friends over for dinner yesterday. Jim is just getting over a bad cold which typically means he’ll be ravenous after…

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Pacific Wonderland Cocktail

Oregon started issuing a special run of Pacific Wonderland plates today and yesterday Jim came home with two pairs.  We’ve always loved this old plate…