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Ordered: April 15, 1997Delivered: July 15, 1997 First Drive: August 6, 1997 First Trackday: August 29, 1997 Sold: September 9, 2006I’ve been looking for a Lotus since the late 1980’s. Well I didn’t know I was looking for a Lotus. I saw a   Westfield at an autocross and knew I had to have one. After   some initial struggle with finding an address, I contacted both   of the current Westfield dealers in the US and got price and   options lists.Several years latter I picked up the information and started to reinvestigate the Westfield. This time I found out the Westfield was reproduction of a Lotus Seven. The Seven is still being manufactured by Caterham Cars in England. One of the US reps is Texas MotorWorks. A quick email to and an information packet was on my doorstep.

1997 Caterham Seven Gallery

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Today I sold the Seven.

What can I say. I have a strange feeling both happy and sad. Terry came by the house and about 2 hours later he drove…

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All British Field Meet

Saturday was the All British Field Meet in Portland. Nadya drove the Elan and I drove the Seven. The only car at the show that…

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Who is this man?

And why is he taking Jim’s picture? Stay tuned …..

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I hadn’t driven the Seven to work in over 6 months and really hadn’t driven the Seven much at all since October.  I had forgotten…

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Gearbox and header

During the last track day I had a bit of oil, well a lot, dripping from the gearbox. Jon came over and we pulled the…

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2nd place

I won second place in the peoples choice awards at the ABFM. This was the first time I every won anything in the Seven. I…

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Track Day

Today was the end of summer Lotus Club trackday. As always a great turnout. The weather was perfect, not too hot and no rain. The…

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Yet another Leak

Well not really a new leak but another fight with an old leak. I pulled the diff out once again to replace the pinion seal…