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Purchased April 15, 2005
Sold March 10, 2009

2004 Lotus Elise Gallery

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A change in the lineup

Today I sold the Lotus Elise and bought a Porsche Cayman S.  The Elise was a lot of fun.

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In Which I Become a Car Nut

Today for a few hours the three sweetest words in the English language were “End Speed Zone.” I drove the Elise on the open road…

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Spring has Sprung

It was a beautiful day and being a holiday I went for a drive towards the coast.  I didn’t make it as the road I…

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Pacific Raceways

After a couple of years of trying, I finally spent got a chance to drive a Pacific Raceways near Kent, WA. The track is very…

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Today was the first trackday of the year. It was threatening rain for most of the day but luckily no rain appeared and in the…

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All British Field Meet

Saturday was the All British Field Meet in Portland. Nadya drove the Elan and I drove the Seven. The only car at the show that…

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Another track day

Another trackday for the Elise this time with the local Lotus Club As usual, there were some cool cars to look at and chase on…

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3200 Miles and a set of brake pads

Friday was the third trackday for the Elise and I had a wonderful time. How can you not have a good time playing hooky from…