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Coast Anniversary

I found a great house on the Oregon Coast and we spent a lovely anniversary weekend. It was a nice Covid escape.

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Inland Empire

Last level 2 match I spot was in November of 2019 and it showed. Mistakes were made. Results:

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Springtime in the Neighborhood

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USPSA Dundee

The first sunny day in what seemed like a very long winter. I felt sluggish on the first couple of stages, I was slow but…

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Weber Tuning

Spring has arrived and it was time to get the Elan out of mothballs. I wasn’t too happy with how the car was running in…

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Goodbye Prince Henry

He was a great friend who loved to sit with us and get belly rubs. We will miss you.

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USPSA Albany

The day started well but was hampered by two malfunctions. I’ll be doing some investigation to see what happened. Malfunctions ruin your match. Results –…

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USPSA Dundee

Early spring like weather and a shooting match. Perfect day. One stage win in the mix, 3rd in Open. Results:

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Bread makes noises!

Who knew that bread makes noises when it cools!