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Geotagging Photos

I’ve been experimenting with Geotagging photos and a way to present the tagged pictures.   Have a look at the results over to the left under…

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Best Photos of 2008

I pulled a number of images from the past year into a gallery of my favorite photos.  Enjoy!

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Yes there are more kitchen pictures

Since folks have told us they really don’t have time to check the gallery AND the blog to see the latest, here’s a link to…

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Hero Shots

The Hero Shots from the racing school are in the gallery

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Astoria, Day 1

First things first, we are off to Astoria this weekend with our friends Cat and John. Cat and John found out yesterday that their adoption…

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Almost there

I’ve updated the log entries to the new format using movabletype. This should make it easier to keep things updated. After I finish with the…

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Photo Gallery

I integrated Gallery into the the website. A bit of hacking in the gallery wrappers and on the style sheets and it looks very good….

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Archive formating

I think I finished with the basic site formating. The archives have nice forward and back links and little calenders everywhere. A couple of things…

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Colors, Engine and Website

Complete new website design to make it easier to update the photo gallery. The machine work on the engine is proceeding and should be done…