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2016 – Favorites

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2010 – Favorites

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Moving things

Our garage looks like this: Because the study and craft room look like this: We’re laboring for Labor Day. Moved out all the books, furniture,…

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We’ve Hired a New Decorator

He’s all over our new project.

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Another Excellent Roast Chicken

While I’ve been pretty sure there was no need to find a recipe better than the Gourmet cookbook’s simple roast chicken with pan gravy, I…

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Yes there are more kitchen pictures

Since folks have told us they really don’t have time to check the gallery AND the blog to see the latest, here’s a link to…

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347 Miles

That is the round trip from our house to Seatac airport. I know this because Nadya took ill on the flight home from Dublin and…

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Nadya Less than Cheerful

17.07 km today 108865 steps to date. Each day has some especially pretty part.  Today’s was the point with St. Catherine’s lighthouse, and seeing the…

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Words I Can’t Write

We have a chandelier over the bathtub – a whimsical piece that gives the bathroom a happy vibe. A few weeks ago, Jim mentioned to…