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The kitchen is done

Not really but we have declared it done. There is a stainless door that needs to be installed over the appliance garage and it should…

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Almost there …..

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Yes there are more kitchen pictures

Since folks have told us they really don’t have time to check the gallery AND the blog to see the latest, here’s a link to…

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Kitchen Update

It has been 28 days since the remodel began. Without being too optimistic, we are ahead of schedule a few days and there does not…

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Kitchen inspector

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Kitchen Deconstruction

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Port Angeles and Victoria at Last

A very pretty drive up 101 to Port Angeles, all except for the strange one lane pace car thingy that Washington DOT decided to have….

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Durango, CO

Well biology took its course and now Jim is sick. We’re in a cabin with no phone and not even a place to plug the…