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2008 – San Juans

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Using Physics to Your Advantage

Need to park a modern truck on a narrow Norwegian street? No problem:

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Kitchen Update

It has been 28 days since the remodel began. Without being too optimistic, we are ahead of…

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Higher Ground

This I can see from my apartment window: 20 minutes of huffing and puffing later I could…

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I won an award for my fjords

It’s really prettier here in this corner of Norway than the pictures do justice. That may be…

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Random things about Norway

Yes, it’s a bit electrically minded. This is the price you pay for reading the blog of…

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17 May

May 17 is Constitution Day in Norway. It’s the essential National day holiday, like our 4th of…

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Gamalost – Page Two!

Friday at work, I casually mentioned to a group of Norwegian colleagues that I’d tried a new…