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2013 – Favorites

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Nadya’s Birthday Party

Nadya celebrates a special day

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Movies on the roof

Movies on the roof on a warm summer night sponsored by the NW Film Center.  The evening feature is Duck Soup.

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Snowed-In Neighborhood Party

What to do when everyone’s Saturday before Christmas plans were cancelled?   Have an impromptu “bring what you were going to bring to your other…

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Successful Dinner Party

We hosted some friends for a dinner party this Friday.  Given the weather, I’m glad they all lived very close! As I tend to forget…

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Red Bull – F1

The local Ferrari dealer invited us to a cocktail party that involved food, a Red Bull F1 car and Red Bull.  Are the grooming me…

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Great memories; no pictures

Jim bought me a fabulous little digital camera for my birthday, one I can carry in my purse. But do I remember to TAKE it…

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Centralia, WA

Spent the afternoon in Centralia, only 1.5 hours from the house. It may seem like a short leg of the trip but it got us…