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Nerd Picture

QR codes are all the rage in Japan and are showing up in other parts of the world.  A QR code is like a hyperlink…

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Claiming my Feed

I’m claiming my feed!  What does this mean?  I have know idea but someone at bloglines does.  

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Setup of photo moblog with flicker

I’m off to a special event and wanted to send pictures in semi-real-time so setup a photo blogging thingy using flicker. We’ll see how well…

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MT Update

Well I finally bit the bullet and upgraded moveable type. I hope everything still works!

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I’ve been doing the blog thing for a long time now and have never allowed comments on my posts. Well, today I’ve changed that for…

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Major downtime

Last night my webhosting provider moved services from one data center to another during a scheduled downtime. All went well until a DOS attack that…

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Site Update

Update the website to the new unibrain standard. I have not checked all the links and am sure some are broken.

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Almost there

I’ve updated the log entries to the new format using movabletype. This should make it easier to keep things updated. After I finish with the…

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New Site Structure

UNDER CONSTRUCTION I hate it when people say that but this time it is true. I’m in the midst of updating the site with a…