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We’re not in Kansas anymore

When we left Portland this morning there was still snow on the ground.  After a couple hour flight we arrived in Palm Springs.  The terminal…

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Snow walk

Fat City is open so Nadya and I walked uphill in the snow to have breakfast and buy Christmas presents. Temperature peaked at 23 degrees…

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Weather service is calling it 8 inches. Who are we to argue?

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Snowed-In Neighborhood Party

What to do when everyone’s Saturday before Christmas plans were cancelled?   Have an impromptu “bring what you were going to bring to your other…

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Successful Dinner Party

We hosted some friends for a dinner party this Friday.  Given the weather, I’m glad they all lived very close! As I tend to forget…

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It is 26 outside and snowing. The weather guessers are saying it will snow the all day and remain below freezing for the entire week….

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Spring has Sprung

It was a beautiful day and being a holiday I went for a drive towards the coast.  I didn’t make it as the road I…

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Snow before Winter

David came to visit, and we had a lovely weekend. It was clear and very cold, so we enjoyed touring wine country with appropriate stops…

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It’s All About Timing

Monday we got Tivo. Tuesday we got snowed in. As other geeks before us have said – Tivo is frigging cool. We can watch Perry…