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2010 – Favorites

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Oregon City

A photo walk in Oregon City

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2004 – Favorites

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Ping pong and Elk

We’ve been playing ping pong. Jim is noticeably better than I am. So I’ve decided that when my points total 21 I win. We’ve played…

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More beer!

lunch with Fish Tail Ale and Mud Shark Porter

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Walking in the rain

We slept a straight 12 hours, got up and headed out for a walk. Since I’d only had half a cup of coffee and no…

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Lake Quinalt Lodge

On the lawn behind and all around the lodge are rabbits. We asked about them and were told someone left a few domesticated rabbits a…

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Bad food

On the trip we stopped for lunch and found the exception to the rule that a crowded restaurant is a good restaurant. Someone claimed they…

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Straits of Juan del Fuca

Our coast guard escort just joined us. It must be about a half hour before we enter port.