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Wine Tasting

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More Wine!

Out the valley for the annual wine club pickups. The buzz on the 2010 vintage is “Not good”

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Wine Weekend

The weekend before Thanksgiving has turning into a Wine Weekend in the Willamette Valley.  We went out to pick up some a shippment and taste…

First To Arrive
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Balloon Tasting

Last month we managed to both be in town when Domaine Drouhin Oregon celebrated the release of their 2005 Laurène Pinot Noir.  Why is this important?  Because…

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Grilled Steak Salad with Mustard Tarragon Dressing

I unvented this today.  I wanted a steak salad that would work well with red wine and I had fresh tarragon left from another dish…

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Snow before Winter

David came to visit, and we had a lovely weekend. It was clear and very cold, so we enjoyed touring wine country with appropriate stops…

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Thoughts on owning an Elise – 150 miles

On Friday night, after 3 years, I picked up my Elise. It (or should it be she? or he?) is Saffron Yellow with Blue Leather…

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Great memories; no pictures

Jim bought me a fabulous little digital camera for my birthday, one I can carry in my purse. But do I remember to TAKE it…

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Wine Tasting

Wow, we’ve done it again. Don and Anita had a couple of friends, Steve and Roxanne, in for the weekend and invited us to go…